Friday, March 22, 2019

My Parents Are Turning Into MY Grandparents

Things I Probably Should Have Known Already: Chapter 3
My Parents Are Turning Into MY Grandparents

My parents were "promoted" to the title of grandparents back in 2011.  At first we called them "Grandpa and Grandma."  Then when my daughter started talking, she changed their names to "Papa and BUCKY."  It was hilarious, and we have no idea why.  But "Bucky" vanished almost as quickly as she arrived, and we went back to Grandma again.

I knew that my parents would be excellent grandparents.  Even though they were living over 300 miles away when my daughter was born, they made the trip to visit her eagerly and often.  When we'd drive back to my hometown to celebrate her birthday, she'd be lavished with more gifts than any kid needs... which I think is in the "Grandparent Handbook."  When my daughter got older, she'd go visit them for a week by herself. This week always included hanging out with Papa as he ran errands and picking out her own "prizes" from the store at least once or twice.

Again, none of this is really surprising.  What has surprised me recently is catching similarities between my parents... and the way I remember MY grandparents.

When I was growing up and my Grandpa Walt and Grandma Florence would visit us, they would usually sleep in my bedroom.  (I can only imagine this was because I kept my room WAY cleaner than my younger sisters.)  Every time they'd stay over, my Grandpa would leave "rent" money on my dresser on the day they left to go back home.  It was never a crazy amount, but it always made me happy... especially because I never really felt like I'd done anything to earn it.

Earlier this month, MY dad attended a special event in my daughter's classroom and he stopped by my house afterward.  While he was there, he stuck some money into the envelope my daughter was using to save up for a computer game she wants to buy.  Not only was she thrilled when she discovered it, which made my heart happy... but it reminded me of Grandpa Walt's "rent money."

I've noticed it with my mom too.  She is constantly asking about and making time to attend my daughter's events - even though we still live two hours away from my hometown. My daughter's "theater camp" is giving a performance?  Yep, she'll drive the 224 miles round trip to be there for the 10 minute skit.  You bet.

I have a feeling that my parents always going to be in the audience, just like my Grandma Betty and Grandpa Paul.  Grandpa Paul sat through more school concerts and plays than I can count - and I know for a fact that he couldn't hear ANYTHING that was happening.  But he was there every time, smiling.

Watching my parents "shift" into MY grandparents makes me realize that I'm likely "shifting" into my mother as well... but I "probably should have known that already."  (And that's an entirely different post.  Ha!)

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