Friday, August 17, 2018

Used To Be...

I used to be a writer.

Okay, maybe not.  I've never really been published outside of the local newspaper and a college magazine. But I used to feel like a writer. And now, I can't remember the last time I actually edited a piece of my own writing.

I often feel like the designated proof-reader in my family. I've edited college papers for BOTH my sisters, and as they've transitioned into their adult lives - that has turned into editing press releases/stories for my sister in marketing and editing playbills/bios for my sister the drama teacher. And I love it. I feel smart. I feel useful. I feel helpful. I feel like I'm doing something of value - especially when the hum-drums of my current state of "stay-at-home Mom-ness" feel like they are backing up on me.

And I want to write again.

So maybe that's what this is about. Getting back to a creative outlet that I used to enjoy. I've blogged before - about a previous weight-loss project (the blog and the project lasted less than 40 posts back in 2009-2010) and again while I was pregnant with my daughter (started in 2011, unexpectedly took a year off and just got back into it a couple months ago). I used to sit down and write (bad) fiction, or just type general musings about life into Word documents. (Or maybe it was WordPerfect, did anyone else use that program?) I've won a couple of essay contests, I've read Stephen King's book "On Writing". I used to feel like a writer.

Let's get back to that.

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